Alumni Profile: Ty Woznek

Years on Staff:ty
       LIT: sometime in the 90’s
       JL: early-mid 90’s
       Collegian: late 90’s
       Camp Shepherd: 2016
Currenly Lives in:
       Davison, MI


Family: Ty and his wife, Kelly, have two sons, Jadon and Gavin.                 

Introducing another one of our Alumni Council Members, Ty Woznek! Let me share a personal history with Ty: he and I have crossed paths in life many times, but never really got to know each other until recently. My first memory of Ty was when I was a young collegian and he came for a week as a Senior Leader, but we didn’t interact. Next was when I was in college, and one of my good friends was also good friends with Ty who had gone to the same school, but we didn’t interact. Then, while I was living in Michigan, Ty took a pastorate about 30 minutes from where I lived, but we didn’t interact. I missed out not taking advantage of knowing this guy before, but not anymore! Don’t be like me, get to know Ty now!

Brian: What’s happened in your life between the time you worked at camp and now?
Ty: I was an awful person and was away from camp for about 10 years. Forgive me! More seriously, I was a childrens and youth pastor from 2001 to 2010. In 2010 I transitioned to
being a lead pastor and currently serve in Davison, MI at Life Fellowship Chapel.
Brian: What are you doing now?
Ty: As the lead pastor, I’m tasked to faithfully teach the Bible and help my church family reach the surrounding community. I also help another church in training future pastors.
Brian: Are you involved in any leadership opportunities in your community?                                   
Ty: In addition to leading in the church, I assist in local government and run a volunteer program in the local school district. It’s important to be invested in your community, not just your church.
Brian: What is your favorite camp memory?
Ty: Coming back after the long decade away and seeing what is important stayed the same: Discipline people to be effective in serving Jesus. Camp does one of the best jobs of training leaders that I’ve seen. God really blessed Camp Hickory Hill!
Brian: What kind of impact did camp have on your life as a young man?                 
Ty: I am the man I am today because of camp. Sam’s leadership through camp and Christian Service Brigade gave me the most amazing training I could have to serve Jesus. Through college and seminary, I still think my training at camp was tops.
Brian: What is one thing you learned from camp that helps you even today?
Ty: There comes a point in your walk with Christ that you realize that you’re the best combination of all those who invested the time to disciple you. For all of us alumni, I think we would say that those who really impacted us did so because someone left a profound impact on them. I remember Jack Corbett taking Sam along with him as he transitioned leadership over to Sam. I remember Sam taking me along to help train Battalion leaders. Sam is nuts, but it really helped me find the place God had for me in serving.
Brian: Do you have a funny story from camp that you remember?
Ty: Long ago in the 1900’s, camp used to have horses. To keep up with my golf game and to look at starting a golf week at camp, I kept my clubs in Sam’s closet…I mean office. Sam said it looked like fun and he let me tee off a shot from the office door. Beautiful shot that started landing in the pines where the horses were hanging out. Soon on the radio we heard “Cease fire! Cease fire!” Thankfully, Sam took the blame. That’s what great leaders do: take the blame and give the credit.
Brian: Who is one person from camp impacted your life and how?
Ty: I think it’s safe to say Sam. But I also had awesome leaders like Phil Nordquist or Todd Okesson who were my battalion squad leaders and counselors. Jim Weigner and Dan Scroth also played a huge role in training me at church and sending me to camp. It’s easy to come across as super spiritual, but really my times spent with God were the biggest part. And that’s what camp is about, right? Helping people encounter God so they are bright and keen for Christ. Camp is where I learned how to listen to God and the importance of that.

Brian: Thank you, Ty! We look forward to hearing from you as an Alumni Council Member!



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