Alumni Profile: Mitchell Murray

Years on Staff:
       LIT: 2003
       JL: ’03-05
       Collegian: ’06-’08
Currenly Lives in:
       East Aurora, NY

Introducing one of our Alumni Council Members, Mitchell Murray! You’ll be hearing and seeing more from Mitchell since he’ll be on our council, so I wanted to introduce him to everybody. I’ll let him take it from here:     

Brian: What’s happened in your life between the time you worked at camp and now?
Mitchell: Since camp, I graduated from college and found a job.  I have three awesome nieces which are a blast to play with and I’m in the process of buying my first home which I’m super excited about!
Brian: What are you doing now?
Mitchell: I went to school to become a Surgical Technologist. I assist the surgeon during surgery by passing instruments, holding retractors etc. We’re pretty much their third and fourth arms they don’t have! I had the unique opportunity to travel for four years as a scrub tech around the country.  I’ve worked in Nebraska, Oregon, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania and even did an assignment close to home in Rochester, NY at one point! I moved home a little over a year ago and got a full time job at Erie County Medical Center which is Buffalo’s only level one trauma center. I work overnights, so I only scrub trauma that come in during the night – a lot of shootings, stabbings, motor vehicle accidents, etc!
Brian: Are you involved in any leadership opportunities in church or your community?                                   
Mitchell:  I attend Hamburg WesleyanChurch and absolutely love it there!  This is my first year as a third grade leader in Stockade which is super exciting because it’s been about seven years since I was last involved in CSB!  I’m also one of the small group leaders for the fourth grade boys during the first service every Sunday. In my community, I volunteer for the Big Brother Big Sister program! I was matched with a twelve year old boy who is from Buffalo and comes from not the greatest family situation. I get to hang out with him on a regular basis and help be a mentor to him!
Brian: What is your favorite camp memory?
Mitchell: Man, my favorite camp memory? There’s seriously too many to list! Most meaningful memory probably for many of us alumni would be the last campfire where we reflect on the previous four weeks – sing songs and join in communion together. I also loved forming a circle afterwords in the farmer field and singing more songs and ending on How Great Though Art! I also loved all the themes throughout the year. I remember when Kevin Saccocia made a giant tree thing when it was Lord of the Rings theme or when Doug shot a flaming arrow lighting a floating thing in the middle of the pond. The best ones are of when a camper would want to stay after the camp fire and talk about life or ask you to help them give their life to God!
Brian: What kind of impact did camp have on your life as a young man?                 
Mitchell: Camp definitely had a positive impact on my life. I gave my life to God at camp when I was a Stockader!  I’ve made so many friends throughout  years too, there always seemed to be someone to turn too when in times of need. The greatest thing about camp is the life long brotherhood!
Brian: What is one thing you learned from camp that helps you even today?
Mitchell: Probably the importance of who and what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. I remember camp often being referred to as a “bubble” and being separated from the struggles of the real world. When not at camp, it’s so easy to fall into the worldly “junk” if we’re not surrounding ourselves with Christian friends, being involved in church and spending time daily with God. I’m definitely not perfect in any of those areas and we all have our faults and failures but I can always lean on my fellow camp friends and look back on the many lessons taught and learned from my time at camp.
Brian: Do you have a funny story from camp that you remember?
Mitchell: There’s so many funny camp stories!  I still love when I learned what a bathroom party was as a LIT. I never knew how much fun one could have in a bathroom!!!!  Friday night meetings when all the program directors would all come in dressed up and we always had our little chants!
Brian: Who is one person from camp impacted your life and how?
Mitchell: I’ve been impacted by so many staff throughout the years but Sam Leblanc has impacted me the most. He has challenged me to be a better person and he’s always been there for me during some of my hardest times in life! I can’t imagine ever not knowing him – and I don’t think he realizes how much I actually look up to him ha!


Brian: Thank you, Mitchell, for telling us about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you as an Alumni Council Member!


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