Alumni Profile: Kevin Maloney

Years on Staff:
       LIT: ’92
       JL: ’93-95
       Collegian/PD: ’96-’98
Currenly Lives in:
       Rochester, NY
Family: Kevin is married to Debbie and they have 4 kids: Lydia (11), Sophia (9), Isabelle (7), Hudson (5)


Kevin had a special place in my camp life. He was the LIT coordinator in 1998 when I was an LIT. I’ll share one of my own memories of Kevin before we get to his memories and what’s been going on in his life. On our drive down to PA for our LIT trip we had to take 3 vehicles, so Kevin drove his own car, and I was one of the 4 LITs to ride with him. We stopped at a gas station where I purchased a generic beef stick. I only ate half of it before we arrived at Ole Bull, and I left the remaining half in his console. You can imagine the smell of Kevin’s car when we arrived back 4 days later, and though he was not a happy P.D. at the time, I think he’s forgiven me now (mostly).
Brian: What’s happened in your life between the time you worked at camp and now?
Kevin: Since my last summer at camp I got married and had 4 children.  I served as Youth Pastor in churches in Missouri and Rochester for 9 years.  In 2009, I planted Grace Road Church in Rochester, NY.
Brian: What are you doing now?
Kevin: I’m a Pastor at Grace Road Church.
Brian: What is your favorite camp memory?
Kevin: There are almost too many memories to sort through.  My LIT trip in 1992 was the most formative week in my life, and the brushes with death that we experienced created lasting memories and friendships.  That week solidified my faith and commitment to Christian ministry.
Brian: What kind of impact did camp have on your life as a young man?
Kevin: My time at camp formed me into a Christian man.  I learned from older men how to live well, I learned the Bible, I learned to teach.  Most of what I do with my life today can be traced back to lessons learned at CHH.
Brian: What is one thing you learned from camp that helps you even today?
Kevin: I learned at camp that being a Christian is for all of life, not just for church.
Brian: Do you have a funny story from camp that you remember?
Kevin: Many. To pick one, I remember a stampede of cows from a nearby farm that came through camp during leaders’ huddle one morning.  The night before our campers had told us that they had been throwing water balloons at cows at camp, but we told them to stop lying.  Because there are no cows at camp.
Brian: Who is one person from camp impacted your life and how?
Kevin: Jim Sczcodrowski was a personal mentor and friend who invested countless hours in me through camp and CSB.  Sam Richbart was a great example of a Christian man, husband, father, and gym-teacher-shorts-wearer.
Bonus Note from Dan Hough: One night when Kevin and I were getting ready for bed in the PDCO (the one that was by the amphitheater), the lights were off before Kevin took out his contacts. He decided he could do it in the dark, but when we got up in the morning he realized his aim was bad when he noticed his dried up contact sitting right next to his contact case with solution in it. On a more serious note, I learned a lot from Kevin. He was a year ahead of me, so I always looked up to him. Kevin was always level-headed it seemed, and he was able to be very patient with campers and staff, even when the situation was not easy to handle.
Thank you Kevin for sharing with us!
For those of you who live in the Rochester area, Grace Road Church meets at Cathedral Hall, 875 E. Main St. in Rochester. You can visit their website at

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