Alumni Profile: Ty Woznek

Years on Staff:ty
       LIT: sometime in the 90’s
       JL: early-mid 90’s
       Collegian: late 90’s
       Camp Shepherd: 2016
Currenly Lives in:
       Davison, MI


Family: Ty and his wife, Kelly, have two sons, Jadon and Gavin.                 

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Alumni Profile: Mitchell Murray

Years on Staff:
       LIT: 2003
       JL: ’03-05
       Collegian: ’06-’08
Currenly Lives in:
       East Aurora, NY

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Alumni Profile: Kevin Maloney

Years on Staff:
       LIT: ’92
       JL: ’93-95
       Collegian/PD: ’96-’98
Currenly Lives in:
       Rochester, NY
Family: Kevin is married to Debbie and they have 4 kids: Lydia (11), Sophia (9), Isabelle (7), Hudson (5)

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A Message from Brian Stebick

Dear Fellow Hickory Hill Staff Member,

LIT ‘98. I can lead with that and each one of you knows what I mean, just stebicks2like so many other things that you would understand that others would not. So many things make camp the wonderful place it is, but the people are what make it the greatest. The camaraderie that I feel to this day with the guys I served with compares to no other. Do you remember your LIT trip? Or how about Friday night staff meetings, late nights in the A-building, staying after campfire and leading someone to Christ, Bible-Ex times, or Post-camp clean-up celebrations? The list could go on. I know that just by mentioning those things many pictures and memories come to your mind. You know more than anyone else the value of Camp Hickory Hill and the impact that it has had and will have in so many lives. Words cannot express the joy I feel that the Lord has called my wife and I to move back to WNY to take part in this ministry once again. I will be serving alongside Sam as the year-round Assistant Camp Director with many responsibilities and opportunities to grow the camp’s ministry.

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Alumni Profile: Dave Lilley

Years on Staff: 
Dave and Meredith
               Service Crew: ’96
               LIT: ’97
               JL: ’97-’99
               Collegian: 2000
               Program Director: ’01-’03
               ACD: ’04
               Volunteer: ’05-06
Known for:
               Crazy Themes as PD
               Dirt Pile Special
               Taking incredibly long turns at Catan
We recently connected with Dave and asked him about his time at camp, heard about some fond memories, and caught up with what’s gone on in his life since we last saw him. Below are some of the questions we asked and his responses:

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